THIS IS THE FANART SECTION!!!! all works created by me and many other interweb friends!!!!


love shopkeep. they may be an overly pretentious liar but they're MY overly pretentious LIAR!!! they're just so lovable!!!


some pretty early fanart of gunk girl herself!
this was around a year-ish ago? pretty insane how far i've come. wonder what my art is gonna look liek in 10 years (っ◔_◔)っ


this was sent in via email by xX_the_erkinator2600_Xx!!!
it's not the greatest really but hey! with enough time you can improve no matter what! i'll give you some advice though, you can just save the image directly into your computer instead of taking a picture of it with your camera :D
if you have any cool fanarts of gunk girl you can send it over at ;]

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